Periodontics aims to treat and prevent periodontal diseases that constitute one of the most serious problems in dentistry (inflammation of the gums, bleeding, tartar, periodontal disease).

The reasons of periodontal diseases are plaque and tartar. Other factors that contribute to the emergence of the diseases are stress, hormonal disorders especially among pregnant women and women using hormonal contraceptives, improper diet, vitamin deficiency. Periodontal diseases are difficult to detect among the smokers because nicotine constricts blood vessels inhibiting gum bleeding. Periodontal disease can occur as a result of systemic diseases including Down’s syndrome, allergic diseases, diabetes and leukemia.

Periodontitis is closely related to inflammation of the gums. Healthy gums are pale pink, entirely fill the spaces between the teeth, do not respond to pain or bleeding when brushing, their consistency is hard. Gingivitis is formed as a result of inflammation of soft tissues surrounding the tooth. The inflammation is evoked by the bacteria and their toxins in dental plaque. Some of the symptoms include gum bleeding when brushing, swelling, bad breath, pain and red colour of the gums. It happens sometimes that the inflammation is invisible and is revealed only after removal of the dental deposits because not always the inflammation covers the outer part of the gum.

As a result of the long-term gingivitis a periodontal disease called periodontitis develops. It forms insidiously, from minor inflammation of the soft tissues to the serious inflammation of the gums with damage of the attachment apparatus, spreading further to the deep tissues. This leads to the formation of crevices called periodontal pockets. Bacteria and their toxins infect not only the gums but they also destruct alveolar bone. Therefore, the gum line gradually recedes and spaces appear between the teeth. Part of the root becomes exposed and the tooth looks considerably elongated. This leads to oversensitivity of the teeth.

In the early stage of the disease the destruction of the bone is asymptomatic. When there is a loss of the large part of the supporting bone, the teeth become loose and may eventually fall out.

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Price list

Name of the periodontal treatment:Price:
check up with consultation and instructions on teeth hygiene150 PLN
closed curretage, one tooth with anesthesia150 PLN
open curretage, sewing up to 3 teeth350 PLN
open curretage, sewing more than 3 teeth350 PLN
   – each  subsequent tooth+ 100 PLN
flap surgery with alveoloplasty up to 3 teeth550 PLN
   – each  subsequent tooth+ 100 PLN
surgical removal of mucosal lesion250 PLN
histopathological examination150 PLN
microsurgical root tip resection with cosmetic sewing (additionally retrograde filling with MTA or Geristore, glass ionomer [cement], membrane, biomaterial)from 700 PLN
hemisection + osteoplasty + sewing400 PLN
radectomy + osteoplasty + sewing400 PLN
surgical tooth crown lengthening450 PLN
   – each  subsequent tooth+ 350 PLN
vestibuloplasty Kazanijian method300 PLN
gingivectomy, gingivoplasty 6 teeth550 PLN
labial and lingual frenulum plasty300 PLN
mucosal lesion treatment100 PLN
increasing the width of attached gingiva100 PLN

increasing the width of attached gingiva by epithelial cell transplant from hard palate or by creating a bridge flap next to the erupting tooth; 2 teeth and more

from 1000 PLN
recession coverage 1 tooth1000 PLN
recession coverage 2 teeth1200 PLN
recession coverage by transplant of connective tissue from the hard palate or from the matrix from the tissue bank (3 teeth or more)from 1300 PLN
controlled tissue regeneration800 PLN
   – additional cost of the used biomaterial 
prevention of the bone resorption after tooth extraction300 PLN
   – additional cost of the used material 
scaling – teeth in upper and lower jaws with roots polishing and initial adjustment of overhangs300 PLN
closing of the oro-antral fistula400 PLN
   – additional barrier membrane 
barrier membranes (a packet)from 350 PLN
biomaterial (a packet)from 300 PLN
Emdogain (a packet)from 800 PLN
sinus lift, open methodfrom 2000 PLN
sinus lift, closed methodfrom 600 PLN
corticotomy (accelerated orthodontic treatment) – price of the treatment depends on the number of teethfrom 500 PLN
  • The prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the procedure
  • The prices may vary depending on the amount of the biomaterial used

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